When consumers buy sex products, they should not blindly seek stimulation and ignore the importance of materials. Otherwise, if it breaks, gets stuck, or falls into the vagina, it will really be a loss for the wife and the army. . For example, a penis collar with feathers or beads is prone to fall off the feathers or beads in the vagina when the penis is pumped; and the penis uses the collar for too long, which can also lead to cell necrosis and other phenomena. . In addition, massage sticks or condoms of poor material (especially protruding ones) are also prone to breakage or fall off. Therefore, when purchasing, you must consider various aspects, so as not to be self-defeating and "sweep".

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Responsible minerals procurement policy


For minerals such as 3TG (Tantalum Ta,Tin Sn, Tungsten W, Gold Au) from conflict or high-risk areas, metal minerals controlled by smuggling trade, controlled by non-government forces or illegal military factions are all conflict minerals. Odeco Ltd. requires suppliers to comply with the Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct (RBA), purchase materials only from environmentally and socially responsible suppliers, prohibit suppliers from purchasing minerals from Congo and its neighboring countries, from the Responsible Mineral Guarantee Process (RMAP) certified smelters and refineries confirmed by the Responsible Mineral Initiative (RMI), and all suppliers shall purchase metals from smelters and refineries certified to meet conflict metal requirements through RMAP. Smelters and refineries that do not have RMAP certification or do not meet customer requirements must be removed from the supply chain and committed to perform due diligence under the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) requirements.